Don’t Forget the Mortgage While Away

So, you’ve booked your trip, everything is set and you are ready for a little family (or personal) R & R.  But, don’t let your mind drift too far into vacation-mode.  You’ve got to make sure all your regular financial tasks are taken care of, like bills.  The last thing you want to do when you get back from vacation is to find a late fee or missed bill.  No need to fret, though, paying bills nowadays is simple.  Just take a few minutes to review these options, and you’ll be set. The beach calls!

Use Online Banking
With online banking and bill pay, setting up automatic payments is easy.  Bills that are the same every month can be set as recurring payments – automatically deducting from your account at your specified date each month.  For others, set up the company as a payee and elect to make single payments of the exact amount that appears on the statement each month.  With this service, you have as much or as little control of when your bills get paid as you want.  The best part is, as a Capitol Federal customer, this service is free.

Set Up Automatic Payments
An alternative option is to arrange to have your bills charged to a credit card or automatically deducted from your checking account. This option will require you to set up each of these payment methods with the various companies for which you are billed monthly.  You can check out each of their websites for more details.  The process is a bit cumbersome, but once it’s complete, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing they’re always paid on time.

Don’t forget the semi-annual or annual bills.
If you know these are due while you are away, be sure to make arrangements to have them paid.

If you have any questions about how to set up a True Blue Online® account, or enroll for Online Bill Pay, contact Capitol Federal’s Customer Service at 1-888-8CAPFED or email us at

Now that you’ve checked that to-do off your list – enjoy your vacation.

>> Travel Tip:
Alert your post office of your travel plans so they hold your mail for you until you return.  This will keep you from having your bills and bank statements sitting in your mailbox for days.